Xbox Scarlett: Console’s name will be linked to its features according to Phil Spencer

At the moment, we only know his code name. The Scarlett Project will not remain Scarlett forever and will have to find a real one, in name, for the general public. And Phil Spencer mentioned it.

Stevivor’s Steve Wright heard the words of the Xbox division president again during the X019 that was held in London in mid-November.

His questions were about the name of the future Project Scarlett. Was it difficult to find a name for the Next-Gen, which is scheduled for the end of 2020?

Our way of thinking about naming our machines has always concerned what we saw as their particularities. The Xbox 360 evoked an entertainment experience designed around a central box. The Xbox One, if you recall, was reminiscent of an all-in-one machine. These names were really erected for the purpose.

More complicated than for Sony, which has so far only had to impose a new number on the PlayStation brand to mark a continuity of renewal.

I don’t feel obligated to follow in their footsteps, because our machines are self-contained.

In the meantime, we still don’t know what the trade name of the Scarlett will be, which, let’s not forget, is already enthroned in Phil Spencer’s living room. Any thoughts?

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